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    WillU Financial Group presents The Joy Club

    The vision for the WillU Financial Group is to change the perception of the financial industry by delivering personal, human advice while leveraging the power of technology. In our latest step towards realising this vision, we are extremely proud to announce our partnership with our new reward partner, The Joy Club.

    The Joy Club is a membership website for retirees which provides members with access to free and discounted activities that support social connection, physical activity, intellectual stimulation and joy. They are on a mission to empower everyone in later life to enjoy a happy, healthy and purposeful retirement.

    Under our new scheme, retiring clients will be gifted one year’s worth of membership to The Joy Club so that they can enjoy a range of free, discounted and money-making activities and the chance to connect with other members. This offer has already been rolled out to private clients across all areas of the WillU Financial Group, to rave reviews.


    As members of The Joy Club, our clients have been enjoying free, interactive online talks, events and classes led by industry experts and fellow members, as well as exciting discounts on premium food and drink, quality skincare, fitness classes, arts and crafts supplies and more.

    With this partnership, we have become the first financial services provider in the UK to extend employee ‘perks’ into retirement. Indeed, it is our aim to disrupt the established model that sees employee support end when staff leave the workforce. By extending employee benefits into retirement for our corporate clients, we are helping to negate the so-called retirement ‘cliff-edge’ – the abrupt end to a person’s working life that disrupts the structure they’d enjoyed during employment – by providing a safety net that offers a new network, structure and source of joy.

    In the wake of the pandemic especially, those entering retirement are facing a particularly acute lack of routine and are at increased risk of social isolation. At WillU Financial Group,
    we pride ourselves on being there for our clients throughout their journey – from life insurance on their first home, to investing in ISAs and beyond their pensions.

    Retirement is such an important stage from a health and financial perspective, but older clients tend to be overlooked when it comes to supporting their social needs. Partnering with The Joy Club to provide their platform as a retirement gift is our way of thanking and rewarding our older clients.

    ‘The Joy Club – Health and happiness in later life, regardless of wealth’

    What WillU discover that brings you joy?

    Find our more at www.thejoyclub.com

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