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    WillU seek advice?

    We fundamentally believe that WillU is perfect for someone who is seeking a specialist investment partner whom you can discuss your investments with at all times.


    What WillU receive advice on?

    We specialise in providing advice on Global Equities, Corporate Bonds, Investment Trusts and ETF’s. We have access to multiple Global Exchanges to facilitate any investment requirements.


    Why WillU?

    Because we are experienced in the investment sector and are individuals that work with you with full knowledge of today’s market. Our skills and expertise come from our knowledge of the stock market and our ability to help our clients navigate the right investment strategy regardless of their investment objectives and goals.


    WillU be suitable?

    WillU advice is ideal for the investor who has a good level of knowledge and still wishes to be the key decision maker and in control of all movements on their portfolio. You would benefit from one of our expert advisors who can dedicate their time to the market. Alternatively suited to a novice investor who has little or zero knowledge of the stock market and has never invested. We will construct and advise you throughout the process to eliminate any worries or concerns. All the recommendations we make will be thoroughly researched and will be backed up with a balanced view.


    How WillU benefit?

    Your specialist Investment Advisor will be available at all times during the investment journey to work as your partner, to discuss and advise and form the construction of your portfolio to the small amendments that may be required throughout the year. All of our clients investment needs will be different and we will tailor our service to suit you.


    WillU benefit from 24hr access to your account?

    WillU allows you to view your account 24hrs a day. As a client of WillU you will receive your own private account login, allowing access at your convenience 24hrs a day.


    WillU require reporting?

    You may wish to have online or paper valuations quarterly, semi annually or annually. Additionally, a Capital Gains Tax certificate can also be made available on request.


    WillU be charged?

    All our fees and charges can be found on our WillU Fees sheet. It’s a combination of a service fee, along with a transactional fee and this all varies on the overall amount invested.


    WillU transfer or open a NEW account?

    Whether you have a trading account, ISA or SIPP elsewhere, we will help you transfer the investments into a WillU account ensuring a smooth transition in a tax efficient way so you don’t lose any of your tax benefits.


    WillU benefit from an ISA?

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    WillU grow together?

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